Masternode Numbers!

Masternode Numbers!

April 15 2019 | ProCurrency

Masternode Numbers!

We know that everybody is thrilled about the upcoming Official launch of Dnero. For years, the crypto space has been waiting for something of this caliber to be announced! It is something that we are very proud and excited to be launched as well. There is one more thing we need to bring to light, and that is the launch of Masternodes!

After several months of planning and strategizing, we have now finalized the numbers for Masternode minimum collateral and reward per block.

The Collateral for starting your own Masternode will be;

1 Million PROC

Rewards will be accumulated on a 70/30 ratio.

15 PROC x 70/30 would break down as the following:

10.5 PROC for Masternodes

4.5 PROC for Staking

Max supply will also be dropped from 75 Billion to only 16 Billion!

More details on Masternodes will be released as we released the upcoming beta release.

Coin Burn

The latest Coin Burn can be seen here:

Final numbers are still being calculated and there will still be another round of Coin Burn.

Stay tuned for Coin Burn number 3! YES This will be the LAST Coin Burn

Stay Tuned as we roll out Masternodes and the revolutionary Dnero app!

Best Regards,

ProCurrency Team

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