ProCurrency Fork Update

ProCurrency Fork Update

May 03 2019 | Procurrency

ProCurrency Fork Update

ProCurrency mandatory 3 Fork update.


We have been very busy adding new features and implemented new parameters into the ProCurrency code base! There are a few updates on this one so be sure to update your wallet.

As we continue to progress into Masternode Beta, there are a few required forks in order to set the correct parameters in the network.




Here are some of the forks:


-FORK1 #629000: Coinbase maturity


*Coinbase Maturity Fork: will change from 50 to 220 confirmations


-FORK2 #629001: Min Stake Age


*Min Stake Age Fork: will change from 6hrs ---> 2hrs


-FORK3 #629002: Min TxFee


*Min TxFee Fork: will change from 0.0001 ---> 0.001




ENHANCEMENTS (Additions and Changes)


-Renamed "nStakeMinConfirmations" to "nStakeMinConfirmationsOld"(Note: Planning ahead for PoSv3 development after Masternode beta release)

-Renamed "procnode" directory to "turbinenode"


-Bumped Network Protocol Version to 75540


-Hardcoded new Checkpoint block #602487


-Changed stake reward halving, from 5 to 10 PROC ahead for Standard POS




This update is Mandatory and it also contains code additions to prepare for future development.

These upgrades to the network and code are absolutely required for the launch of Masternodes

With the release of the Masternodes and the launch of Dnero, we can't wait to see what the future holds for everyone that believes in the ProCurrency dream!

Stay tuned as we progress into this new ProCurrency era!

Best regards,

ProCurrency Team

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